Sanny Ceramics

Fine functional wares handcrafted in California.

  • Small Batch

    Each piece is hand thrown on the potters wheel, refined, then finish fired in the kiln. Glazes are hand-mixed and applied by the artist.

  • Materials

    Porcelain or stoneware are used by the artist, often a propriety in-house clay blend is preferred.

  • Functional Beauty

    Our high-fired wares can be warm or cool, depending on their contents. Surface treatments can be glassy smooth or rough to the touch.

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  • Unique

    Our wares showcase textures, glazes, and designs that are distinctive and not easily replicated by mass production.

  • Detail

    All of our pieces are made with attention to detail, and refined by hand.

  • Tradition

    Investing in handmade pottery contributes to the growth of creative communities and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

Harbor House Inn

Dine at the renowned Michelin star-awarded Harbor House Inn, located on the Mendocino Coast, to experience Sanny Ceramic's wares for yourself. Executive Chef Matthew Kammerer serves several of his acclaimed creations on our handcrafted pottery.

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