SANNY CERAMICS makes fine functional wares for our eating and drinking rituals.

Having an affection for the utilitarian objects with which we routinely engage increases our quality of life. It is gratifying to use something that is made with integrity, whether for daily enjoyment or special occasions.

Porcelain or stoneware is the artist's chosen medium because of the tactile nature of the clay throughout the various stages of the ceramic process. Runs of pieces are handcrafted in small batches. Glazes are hand-mixed by the artist.

The high-fired, durable wares can be warm or cool, depending on their contents. Surface treatments vary from smooth or rough to the touch. They can look visually complex or like a blank canvas depending on the glaze and firing atmosphere. They must be held to be fully appreciated.


Jason Sanovich began his ceramics exploration during his junior year in high school in the South Bay of California. It was around this time that he was given the nickname "Sanny" and subsequently friends branded his ceramic pieces "Sanny ware.”

Jason took classes in ceramics at Cabrillo College. After receiving an A.A. degree from Cabrillo College, he moved to the north shore of Maui. He worked in a studio called the Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center where he was influenced by a multitude of artists. Outside of the arts center, he also worked as a sculptor's assistant. Jason was represented by several galleries on the North and South Shore of Maui.

He eventually left Maui to live in Northern California where he earned his B.A. from Humboldt State University with an emphasis in ceramics in their directed studies program. He held a position as a lab technician firing the electric and gas kilns and participated as a teacher's assistant. He is very grateful for all who have shared their knowledge along his way.

He currently makes all of his work in his studio in Mendocino, California.