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Woodfired Ramen Bowl

Woodfired Ramen Bowl

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7 1/2" wide  x  4" tall

Elevate your dining experience with this meticulously handcrafted woodfired ramen bowl. Infused with the rustic allure of wood firing, this piece boasts a unique fusion of earthy tones, natural ash glazes, and captivating textures. As you savor every taste of your favorite meal, you'll also be indulging in a truly distinctive addition to your table.

Handmade Disclaimer

Our handcrafted pottery pieces are created with the utmost care and craftsmanship. However, due to the nature of the artistic process and the use of traditional techniques, each piece is unique and may exhibit variations in color, texture, and dimensions.

These individual characteristics are a testament to the authenticity and artisanal nature of our products. We embrace the charm of these subtle differences, as they reflect the hand of the artist and the inherent beauty of handmade ceramics. We appreciate your understanding that while pieces from the same collection share a common design, no two pieces will be exactly alike.

Care Information

Handwashing handmade ceramics is always recommended, however, if a dishwasher must be used, please select a gentle cycle to ensure the longevity of your piece.

Shipping & Handling

While unlikely, if your box arrives punctured, crushed or damaged take a picture of it prior to opening. If a piece is damaged during shipping, please notify us at within 2 days of receiving the product with a picture of the alleged damages. It is within Sanny Ceramics sole discretion to determine shipping damage.

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